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Now it is very easy to follow your guests' RSVPs with tinvite wedding website.

Your guests can easily respond to your invitation via RSVP section.

You can also see the list of guests who will attend the wedding on your website. The guest list is only accessible to you.


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The website are bilingual (Turkish and English languages).


You can share the Google Maps' url of the organization place.

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Your guests can easily respond your invitation via RSVP Feature. Also, RSVP Feature enables you to track the attendance status of your guests.


You can share any song you love within your website.

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  • Multi Language Support
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You can add a Youtube or SoundCloud link.

To find out how to access the YouTube link, please see

To find out how to access the YouTube link, please see

You can remove the RSVP part from the management panel.


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